My Love-hate Relationship with Travel Journals

I always love the idea but never try it before. I should really try it one day! How inspiring!!

Travelmode Engaged

Keeping a travel journal is a romantic dream. Whether you are sitting in a cafe in Paris or soaking up the sun on Koh Samui, you want to be able to relive that experience in more vivid detail than a few drunken photos on your Contiki tour. So, you decide to keep a journal and say to yourself. Every morning, I will head down to the local coffee shop and spend twenty minutes details the previous days activities. Then you think to yourself, who is going to be reading this? Just me? My parents? Maybe one day I will hand it down to my children or your grand children?

So, the question of editing is raised. What do I write about? What do I leave out? Travel is about discovery. Discovering new culture, new perspectives or maybe it could be something simple, maybe discovering that Sweet Thai Chilli sauce is…

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