We don’t play with probability as it can change to thousands of numbers and thousands of unexpected errors.

But in the end, we are force to use it.

As for me, I see probability as a platform to not to let myself fall deeper into some unknown conclusion with stupid decision and some stupid moves.

And I love how probability always saves me from all the stupid actions that I might take and might do.

But I also hate how probability turns me into a paranoia by imagining how things can turn into some serious ugly situations instead of being positive and be someone with confident and try to claim the sky as mine.

And in the end, I will always regretted for all the moves that I never take and all the word that I’ve never said.

And in the end also, I am grateful to not to take some serious stupid humiliating moves or actions that can led me to the embarassment-to-death.

Well. Life is always 50-50 aite?
We just always have to choose between those two and keep living our own life.

The End 😎


Credit : Google Image


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