Backpacking: Taiwan.

The naked truth. Life of a vegan wolf.

A few months earlier I made my decision to travel to Taiwan. I can say that up to 80% of my friends might have been to Taiwan before me and I can easily get a list of must-eat and must-go in Taiwan from my friends. Frankly speaking, Taiwan is never my intended travel destination or my to-go place or my bucket list before I died or get old. Originally, I wanted to travel across South East Asia, but I scrapped my plan because I simply don’t have enough time to plan on the details schedule at that moment. So I picked Taiwan as a back-up plan. I just need to get away, what place it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think I need to go on the details about how’s Taiwan because I bet you’ve been there. But for me, it is my first solo trip, round the island of Taiwan…

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