Behind the Scenes at What an Amazing World!

What an Amazing World!

Finding Out What's Behind the Scenes What is It Behind the Scenes? (Photo: Finn’s Beach Club, Bali, Indonesia)

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of my blog, and over the years this blog has evolved in many ways, most notably its visual appearance and writing style. Many of you, dear readers, have been very kind in leaving comments, thoughts, even emails allowing me to know what you think and feel of certain posts, photos, and some of you even shared your personal experience of the very places I went.

It’s been a while since the idea of writing a post about how this blog is written first popped up in my mind. So when Madhu from The Urge to Wander, one of my all-time favorite travel bloggers, nominates me to take part in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ Blog Hop, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Many thanks to Madhu for that!

What am I…

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