Die Welt dreht sich nicht um dich kreisen (THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVED AROUND YOU)

Don’t always think of yourself and what you want. Think about others needs. When everyone is wrong and you the only one who is right. There’s definitely something is wrong somewhere. When you think you did all the work, disregarding each and every people’s hardwork and sleepless night. Think again. Something is definitely wrong. When you think everything in this world revolved around you and you keep thinking that you matters anywhere everywhere. Come back to your senses. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Well fuck you. Lemme tell you one single fact. Not everything in this world is bout you. And not every fucking details in this world is bout you. Somewhere somehow you doesnt matter in the world. Live with it. Embrace the fact that we are nobody. Learn to love the fact that we can never be the right one every single fuckin time. Trust me. There are time when you have to realized that you are wrong and really need to admit it. There are times that you need to grow up and appreciate others’ hardwork and sacrifices. And yes. The world doesn’t exist for yourself. Don’t be a selfish bastard that keep saying “I’m so tired of this and that.” But instead look up and look around you. People around you, your friends, family or even someone yoh doesn’t know went through the same struggle and the same shit you’ve been through. It’s just that they decided to mature up and keep silence. That’s it. With you bragging and telling the world that you are tired of doing things alone and completing the job all by yourself, it just won’t fix all the problems. Trust me. With you, all confined by your thoughts and acts. You need to realized people out there doesn’t give any shit on what you do. Nevertheless, when you think you’ve done something all mighty and saint-like, keep quiet. Don’t go all the way bragging and belittling others who is not up to your par. Tone down your ego and your voice when you think you’re describing or teaching something you know. Your oh-i’m-all-almighty-because-i-know-everything-and-i-did-every-shits-done tone and voice doesn’t helps others to feel good. Seriously, again THE WORLD DOESN’T FREAKING REVOLVE AROUND YOU. You and I are only insignificant specks in the universe.There are 100 billion stars in the milky way. There are 100 billions galaxies in the universe.The universe is one of 10 to the power 500 universes.There are six billion people on this earth. So yeah, “Die Welt dreht sich nicht um dich kreisen” 


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