One way or another

I used to look at people and wondered how can they be perfect. 

Super rich. Checked

Pretty. Checked

Smart. Checked

Neverending talent and ideas. Checked

Overall perfect. Checked and checked.

But once I grow up I know, its one way or another and hence the title for this post. 

Home is a hell for me nowadays. 

It’s true. If people were to look at my family. We seem perfect. We live well. No financial issues so far. Quite happy. Nothing looked less than perfect in my family. 

Except they never know. With all the money we have, we are never the happy family to begin with. And for that I questioned, what is happiness with all the money?

We used to live with just enough money. Every month dad will get his paycheck and we will go out for a dinner in town. We have just enough money to survive for the month. And yet. Everything is perfect. Mom and dad are still okay. Sisters still care bout each other. Laughter and happiness.

Then dad got a raised. He earned perhaps more than before. Our financial status stabilizes. But little did I know, the money somehow drifted us apart. We no longer sit at the same table during dinner sharing some lame-ass stories. No more dinner in town every month. No more caring for each other. Dad is too busy by his work. Mom is too occupied with herself. And thus, the sisters started to be in their own world. And I was left alone. 

Slowly, like a crack in a shell. The distance grows. The distance and the crack of my family. We no longer talk to each other. Not even a mere hello. Mom and dad are always fighting. Fighting is their way of discussing. Being ego is another way to live in my family nowadays. 

True enough. That’s why people say that we can’t have it both way. When we have just enough money to live, everything is fine except for the record that we may sometimes have some shortage of money but thats fine. 

And now, we have more than enough money to feed all the mouth in this house and yet, we grow distance. We forget the word family. And we definitely forgot all the happiness before as our main source of happiness is money now.

It is one way or another.

What is your pick?


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