A Dream for Real

I had a dream last night. And in my dream you were there. We had our moment.

It was late at night. I just came back from nowhere and there you are standing just outside my door. You were smiling. The big smile just like you used to give anyone. The kind of smile that makes me fall deeper into you. The kind of smile that makes me wish I am the reason for that smile.

I smiled back. Am thankful for you to be there. You smiled and I can't helped but to hugged you. I am overwhelmed. I was overjoyed. You tell me not to cry hut I can't because somehow I knew this is not real. Everything is not real. You are not real. Not even your smile. Because you will never smile at me. You never even looked at me. So let me be. Let me savor this moment. Let me have this moment for myself. Because I know once and for all, everything will never ever gonna happened in real life.

Reality snaps back. I am awake and in the dark, the emptiness lingers. The sad feelings stays. And there I am crying in the dark with the hanging feeling of emptiness and sadness for I know, it was just a dream. A dream for real.


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