Equivalent Words

Travel is my passion or should I say my only passion.
To me. Travelling is equivalent to me finding myself.
I have always dream of a long long travel meeting with lots of people and getting to know them.
Somehow. Getting to know strangers makes you understand what you want and every single thing you’ve done or see or observe will be reflected back to you.
I fell in love with travelling the very first moment I’ve got the permission to explore the world.
I fell in love with travelling ever since I lay my eyes on the globe and promise myself to put myself on every continent and to be at the smallest even the tiniest country in the world.
Travelling isn’t about capturing the nicest scenery and to ‘instagram’ it with deep deep quotes which no one will ever get the true meaning of it.
Travelling isn’t about how luxurious your life is.
Travelling isn’t about how you manage to be independent to handle of the unexpected circumstances and situations
Travelling isn’t about you being a storyteller.
But for me.
Travelling is about the journey of finding the ultimate truth
Is about you finding yourself.
Is about you observing people and try to reflect it back to you
Travelling is about being the good person we supposed to be.
I once thought that travelling is something to do with experiences and to be able to tell people of how and where you’ve been.
But I realized I am totally wrong.
Travelling is something to do with you being able to tell yourself that you have that inner good in you.
Something to do with you knowing your flaws and yourself inside out and still be happy about it.
Maybe sometimes being a storyteller about your journey is good
But somehow people get bored and they don’t even bother to hear it.
And in the end you’ll keep it by yourself.
I love travelling
I love telling stories to others about my journey.
But I know none of them doesn’t even give a single fucking care about me and my journey.
So in the end.
Travelling is always a story to keep to myself.
A story to remind myself that I have the world to me.
A story to remind me. That in some parts of the world, I’ve set my foot there and create my memories without the need to tell others.
Just me and my memories
And for that. I shall thanked my memories
And the arts of travelling.
Travelling teaches me
Literally everything
So pack your bag and start throwing dart on your map for your next destinations.
Who knows perhaps we’ll meet on the same way?
:Till then
See you when our path crosses each other.



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