You’ll Wander with Wonders

7th May 2016
Viewing Balcony, KLIA

I wonder
What it feels like to be able to sit on that plane again
Going somewhere
Some new places I’ve never been
Meeting new faces I’ve never encountered
Greeting unfamiliar faces as I go
Giving random smile whilst walking down the street

I wonder
How it feels like going thru the history of place?
How it feels like being able to hold a map and have not a bit of clue to read it?
How it feels like wandering around, getting lost some other foreign place?
I wonder
Is the aisle sit on the plane still the place?
Is the toilet stinks less?
Does the immigration line gets less complicated?
And does the boarding pass of each airlines still differs from one another?

I wonder
Does the breeze still cold?
Does the flower blooms already?
Does the snow melts away when the sunshine came?
Does spring still looks like spring over there?

And I still wonders
Will the feeling still be the same when I wander?
Will the memories be created as I walk along the path during my trips?
Will I be able to take good pictures?
Will I still be amazed by every single thing I saw?
Will I?

Little did I know. My hearts dies a little.
Knowing I can’t be on the flight
Knowing I won’t be able to hold my passport
Knowing I won’t be smiling while watching my boarding pass

Its ok, Teja
You’ll wander
One day
Sometimes in the future
Somewhere in the world
Just remember the sound of the plane
And for that
Let your heart goes with the wind and let the feeling wanders around
Till then
Keep on smiling

7th May 2016
Viewing Balcony, KLIA
still missing the airplanes and the memories created in between


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