STG Tea House

I'm always a person who are always fond of tea. I called myself a tea person rather than a coffee person. I love how tea can be so aromatic with delicate taste. Added bonus with thousand of range of tea it's simply the best.
I called myself a tea person perhaps because I grew accustomed to the tradition of having tea rather than coffee once when I was living in the British land. I enjoy tea during my early morning breakfast, my bruch which when I need a break from all the fast pace life I've been trying to catch, my dinner when I need something to soothe my hungry stomach and definitely I prefer my tea in the middle of the night when it's super cold during the late winter night especially.
When I come back to my homeland, I craved for a good tea place to hangout when I need to clear my mind over something. Being in a homeland where having hi-tea during your evening snack is definitely weird and considered high-class. Most of the time we had banana fritters or perhaps some "keropok lekor" or some "chekodok" for our tea time snack.

Some of the snacks we have here in Malaysia for evening tea.

Don't get me wrong. I'm nothing against our national food and custom. But considered I was raised in a boarding school, I rarely had my tea time. Well most of the time I skipped it. It's just a couple of biscuits dipped into a glass of not-enough-sugar Nescafe. When I got the chance further my studies abroad, I tell myself to experience everything and anything. It's a once in a lifetime adventure! So, eversince that I tell myself not to skip any meal for I need to experience all the delicacies available as much as possible. And from that time apart, I went on and let myself grew accustomed of having tea break. Being the food-freak myself, I am always in a quest of finding good food and good ambiance place to stop by and try.
When I come back to my homeland, the lack of good cafes with nice ambiance frustrated me. Trust me. My friend called me crazy for always choosing to have my tea time in a place that looked extravagant and pricey but trust me with the tea. It's good to finally be able to find a place to sit down and relax with a good pot of tea after so long. And trust me the crème brûlée didn't disappointed me.

Though it might look a bit off but hey! The taste that matters, right?

Halfway done and still want it 😭

But still though, why do people even says no to good food and nice ambiance?

Till then.

5th August 2017
STG Tea House, Taman Chateau, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
-Still alone


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