Just so You and I realized

And you asked me why i keep blaring my earphone with endless list of song??

Just so you realized that I don’t like the world im in now.
Just so you realized I need to be me
Just so you realized that I feel nobody understands me

Call me weird.
Call me crazy.
But sometimes I just wanna die.
So that I don’t have to face the world anymore
So I won’t have to face the life that I’m faking to be awesome now
So that I won’t be someone I don’t wanna be

Call me mental
Call me blind
But I don’t see anyone standing for me
I don’t see anyone wanting to hear anything from me
I don’t see anyone wanting to be near me

I maybe smiling
I maybe laughing
But in the end of the day
I cry
Cry hard like a baby
Because I know
Nobody even bother to ask
Nobody even bother to know
Because nobody ever want to know me

I dream of the place
I dream of me
I dream of being me
Smiling to the world
Laughing for the jokes

I want to disappear
I want to live a life by my own
Fuck anyone who doesn’t want me
Fuck everybody
Because I know nobody even bother to care
I shall take care of myself

What do they have to do with me?
Yes they are my family
My love
But I am always the one who got left behind
I’m always the burden
I shall break free
To ease the burden

People say it is easy to break free
I say it fucking expensive
I say it fucking hard
I say its impossible
You are what people see u

Be you
Be yourself
Be positive
But I can’t
There are strings pulling me down
There are people taking me down

How can I not be depressed
As people keep calling me crazy
How can I not be introvert
As nobody want to hear me
How can I be so silent
As nobody want to know me
So I shall seclude myself
For I know my world is not out there

– A time where I have to suppress everything to show the world im strong
– A time that I have to cry so smthat I can smile for tomorrow.
– A tine that I can feel that i have nobody to lean on and nobody can stand for me.
Yes. Its time for me to realize I have no one.


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